How Artists and Other Celebrities Can Nail Endorsements In Kenya

According to the oxford dictionary the word endorsement means ‘a public statement or action showing that you support somebody/something’.

Now imagine you as an artist being offered a deal to be the face of a multinational brand where your images will be splattered on billboards around the country, top magazines and newspapers’, prime time Tv ads and being paid millions to travel and market this brand. Wouldn’t any artist want to experience such an amazing feeling? As a matter of fact, there are Kenyan artists enjoying life with a big spoon thanks to endorsements.


Size 8 and Baby Ladasha – Brand Ambassador for Softcare Diapers


Brand Ambassadors for EABL’s Chrome Vodka


Footballer Victor Wanyama – Safaricom Brand AMbassador

Now you have decided to explore opportunities available for artists in Kenya and you are wondering what you should do to attract such reputable endorsement deals from the corporate world…. What next?

So here are my quick three tips on how you can be selected to endorse a major brand:

  • Understand what the company is looking for:

Always remember as an artist whenever you are looking for an endorsement it is important to know how much you are willing to support the company’s goals and how you are going to be relevant to the endorser. Companies and corporates will be interested in working with you if you will be open to support their objectives and targets.

  • Hard work.  


Zawadi Kayvoh at Our Auditions at Sarakasi Dome


Bahati’s stunning performance at Jubilee Party Launch

Nothing comes easy; you have to prove yourself as to why the corporate world would want to associate their brands with you. So you have no choice but to be at you’re A-game. In fact if you perfect the A-game, you will not be the one going out to look for corporates, rather they will be the ones looking out for you. You must work round the clock to build a strong brand that any corporate can desire to associate with. The success of your brand depends solely on a thorough research of what the market needs, developing a strong message and determining the manner in which to send out the message to your target audience.

  • Invest in media presence and influence.

How would you describe yourself as a person and what kind of reputation do you have? Not forgetting, do you have a strong mainstream media and social media presence? Because this is highly recommended. Your numbers on your social pages should be strong, influential and meaningful. In addition, you must ensure that your brand becomes a household name in the market through securing interviews and features on mainstream media.


  • Presentability is everything:

Whether you are just a new baby in the industry or you’ve been there for as long as 20 to 60 years, how you approach your potential endorsers is everything! Now this is where your PR skills should come at their best. You must have a winning proposal, indicating why the company needs an endorsement, why you are the most qualified for the endorsement, the budget the endorsement, and the benefits the company will enjoying from associating with your brand.

Why are there only few artists in Kenya scooping the endorsement deals? It’s because most Kenyan artists have not understood and appreciated the aspect of branding and PR. In whatever industry, if you need to stand out, you must master the art of PR; you must feed people with the information they need, make your brand a household name, condition people to associate with you, beat everyone within your field, if not just be among the best! If you need help scout for the best PR firms like Brandit and work with them!




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